Timber Decking

Rich timber wood for decking

Timber decking is an essential extension of your living space, and it is commonly used in the outdoors, kitchen, and entertainment areas. Before we design your deck, we always consult with you to understand your needs.

As an extension of your living space, floors allow you to entertain yourself freely. Note that decks are versatile in terms of shapes, sizes, and colours maximize the utility of your deck, it is vital to choose a floor that fits your needs.

We offer hardwood decking, softwood decking, and composite decking. Our decking services are unique, and we believe that you will get a service that can fit your style and budget.
Although timber decks have a natural look, they can crack and fade if they are not appropriately maintained.

At Townsville Decking Specialists, we are committed to making a custom deck tailored to your needs. We have a variety of timbers, such as merbau timber and spotted gum, and you can make your choice based on your preference.
Timber decking is essential for your outdoor living space, and it can bring a lot of joy to your family and visitors. At Townsville Decking, we can design and install a cost-effective deck for you.

Types of Decking Timber

Here is a summary of the types of timber decking.
  • Hardwood decking
Hardwood is the most commonly used decking material in the world. The common species of hardwood decking include blackbutt decking, spotted gum decking, and merbau decking. All the species of hardwood decking are long-last, and their lifespan is between 25-30 years.
  • Treated pine decking
Treated pine decking is the second commonly used materials in decking and can last between 10-15 years.

Why You Need to Work with Townsville Decking Specialists
Townsville Decking builders are the most skilled and experienced experts in deck design, installation, and maintenance. Before we design and build your deck, we consult with you to ensure that you understand our various deck plans and materials. This consultation allows you to make an informed choice.
At Townsville Decking Specialists, our competent builders are familiar with installing top decks. More importantly, all our deck builders are licensed and insured to operate in the Queensland area and other environs.

Our deck builders are highly skilled, and they can enhance the utility and beauty of your deck. At Townsville Decking, we will always allow you to decide on the design, colour, and shape of your deck.
With our vast experience, we can design decks that are easy to maintain. For instance, we ensure that deck boards have small gaps between them where water and debris can lie. We also specialise in composite deck installation.

Whether you need a sun deck, a patio, or an outdoor room, we always review a suitable outdoor structure before we recommend it.

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