Pool Decking

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Pool Decking
As one of the highest rated decking companies in Queensland, Townsville Decking provides high-quality decking services to commercial and residential homeowners. Our deck builders have experience in creating top decks to make your swimming pool look stylish.
We have immense expertise in designing and installing decks around new and existing swimming pools. We are committed to constructing a beautiful and long-lasting pool deck.
At Townsville Decking, we care about your standards and needs. Therefore, our deck builders are committed to providing excellent services that exceed your expectations.

Our Pool Decking Materials

At Townsville Decking, we use a variety of decking materials to ensure that we meet your custom requirements. Here is a summary of our decking materials.

  • Wood

Timber decking is commonly used because of its natural beauty and affordability. At Townsville Decking, our patio builder is familiar with different timbers, and they can construct a pool deck that fits your home.
If the floor around your pool is irregular, don’t worry; our experts have vast experience in decking building, and they can install the deck off the ground.
We understand that timber decking requires regular maintenance to prevent color loss and weathering. Our patio builder can stain and repair your wooden deck to make it beautiful and durable.

  • Composite wood

A composite deck resembles timber but doesn’t need regular maintenance. Also, it is vital to note that composite decks neither fade nor rot even if exposed to sun or water.
The majority of homeowners prefer composite decking over other floors due to the following reasons.

  • Low maintenance

A composite deck doesn’t require regular maintenance, and you only need soap and water to clean its surface.

  • Long-lasting

Unlike natural timber, composite wood is durable and resistant to general wear and tears. Moreover, composite decking rarely bends, and they come with warranties of between 10 to 25 years.

  • Friendly to barefoot
Composite decks rarely crack, and their user-friendliness can allow you to walk over them on barefoot without feeling painful.
  • Resistant to stains

Composites are porous; hence they can resist stains and biological growths from developing on their surface.

  • Faster installation
Unlike natural woods, composite wood comes in the right quality and design, making their installation faster.
So if it’s a new pool deck, or even a new pergola for the garden, we are the team you can rely on!
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