Pergolas and Verandahs

Pergola design


Pergolas are designed to provide an outdoor living space where people can relax and take their meals while being protected from adverse weather conditions.

Townsville Decking is one of the leading companies in pergola construction in the Queensland area. Our pergola builders are conversant with designing structures that are customised to your standards.
Based on your area’s weather conditions, our contractors can design pergolas with open sides to allow the free flow of natural air. However, if we notice that the wind or rain is affecting your enjoyment, we will construct protective walls around your pergola to overcome it.

At Townsville Decking, we pride ourselves on high-quality services that have borne amazing results to our clients. Our experts can design and install pergolas for residential and commercial homeowners within Townsville.

We understand how to design and integrate a roof into your pergola to make it visually appealing. Our builders can construct your pergola using different roof styles, such as curved, flat, and gable.
At Townsville Decking, our contractors can design and install pergolas with the following features.

  • Outdoor lighting

We understand that outdoor lighting is vital in setting the mood for your patio. We place the light in the patio ceiling or on the floor of the timber deck.

  • Outdoor kitchens

Our pergola builders have vast experience, and they can install an outdoor kitchen that includes sinks, storage cupboards, and a bar fridge.

  • Outdoor stairs

We are aware of the usefulness of outdoor stairs, and where necessary, we can construct them to enhance convenience in your movements.
Our pergola builders know how to do excellent plumbing while constructing the pergola. We can connect gutter and downpipes to existing systems to drain water into a swimming pool or garden.

Verandah design

At Townsville Decking, we are committed to constructing high-quality verandahs for your home. Our verandah builders have experience in designing verandahs that meet your custom needs.

All verandahs have roofs, and their role is to improve the value of your home and provide an outdoor living space.

Verandahs can be constructed from many materials. At Townsville Decking, we use both hardwood and softwood to build your verandah. After installation, we paint or stain a verandah to make it attractive.

Townsville Decking Specialists are the team you can count on to do the job!

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